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How do I know if my shipment has been delivered?

You will receive a notification via email or SMS once your shipment has been delivered. You can also track the status of your shipment using our tracking system, which will indicate that the delivery has been completed.

How long does it take for my package to arrive?

The delivery time for your package depends on several factors such as the origin,destination and method of transport. Our customer service team can provide you with a more accurate estimated delivery time based on your specific details.

What happens if I experience a problem with my package?

In the event of a problem with your package, you should contact the company immediately. The customer service team will be able to assist you and resolve any issues with your shipment. You can also check the tracking tool for information about any issues or delays with your parcel.

Is Parcel tracking available for international shipments?

Yes, parcel tracking is available for both domestic and international shipments. The tracking tool will provide real-time updates on the location and delivery status of your parcel, regardless of its destination.

What information will I receive with Parcel tracking

With parcel tracking, you will receive real-time updates on the location and delivery status of your parcel. You will be able to see exactly where your package is and how far along it is to its final destination. Additionally, you will receive information about the delivery status of the parcel, including whether it has been delivered, is in transit, or if there are any issues or delays.

How can I track my package?

You can track your package by visiting the company's website and entering the tracking number into the tracking tool provided. You can also sign up for notifications to receive updates via email or text message.

What is parcel tracking and how does it work?

Parcel tracking is a service that allows customers to track the location and status of their packages in real-time. Customers can track their packages by entering the unique tracking number assigned to each parcel into the courier company's tracking tool. The tracking tool provides real-time updates on the parcel's location and delivery status, allowing customers to stay informed about their shipment.


What We Offer

We guarantee a myriad of services to our customers among which are the ones below

Fleet Management

We stand out and collaborate with renowned E-Hauling organization.We reduce cost and improve efficiency.With trusted and oriented drivers,we provide the best fleet Management service to the public.
We provide our clients with smoothed car movement from their homes and offices to their desired location without stress.


Our logisic team offers reliable delivery service with year of experience.We also provide efficient and timely delivery of goods and supplies to our customers.In this way, as to maximize timely optinnal customer satifaction.

Estate Management

We sell houses and landed properties that belongs to us and our esteemed clients.Most especially land owners and landlords.We are a middleman between youand our partners(landlords or landladies).
With us you are in safe hand and reliable company.this makes us top-notch on Estate business and assets.Our services in Estate Management include; property maintenance,security and legal complience.

Traker Installation

Our tracker services are undiniably speaking about great about our company,We ensure proper and long-lasting tracking devices in cars and trucks, Which enables the vehicle's location to be tracked in real time against car theft and unauthorized access.

Driver Management And Recruitment

Here we train and orient drivers to improve safety and efficiency whileon the road amonge drivers.
In the course of drivers Management,we coach and train drivers on up-to-date rules and guidelines for safe driving while ensuring to observe traffic rules and regulation and also abreast with highway codes which should be appliied in their day-to-day running.

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